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Bapujee Club,Khurda,Orissa

Listed in Orissa

+91-9439259301 (Chairperson), +91-9937423760 (Advisor), +91-9937938646 (President), +91-7751993362 (Vice-President),+91-9937095293 (Secretary), +91-8895649165 (Cashier), +91-9090606061 (Organizer).

At- Rajiv Nagar, Po/Ps- Balugaon,Near Balugaon Railway Station, Dist-Khordha,India, MOB. No.- +91-9439259301 (Chairperson), +91-9937423760 (Advisor), +91-9937938646 (President), +91-7751993362 (Vice-President),+91-9937095293 (Secretary), +91-8895649165 (Cashier), +91-9090606061 (Organizer).

Description: Bapujee Club is situated in Khurda,Orissa,India.Physical address is at At- Rajiv Nagar, Po/Ps- Balugaon,Near Balugaon… Read more...

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